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Do Cats Have Belly Buttons? The Odd Question


lot of people will tell you that cats do not have them, but do cats have belly buttons? What if we can’t see them, does that mean they aren’t actually there? We aim to answer all of these important questions that readers just like yourself have asked.

After all, knowing whether or not cats have belly buttons has actually caused quite a stir. Cats obviously do not have the same anatomy as humans do, but do they have belly buttons?

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

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Yes, cats do have belly buttons, but we are unable to see them. Their belly buttons and how they get them are something that we don’t really pay attention to when a mother cat is giving birth to her kittens.

Once a kitten is born, he is attached by the umbilical cord to the mother cat. Every kitten being born into that litter has its very own cord. Although, once all of the kittens are out of the womb, this is when the second birthing process starts.

The mother cat will then deliver the placenta, which is attached to the kittens through the umbilical cord. The kittens still need the cord and the placenta for nutrients and oxygen until the mother can detach them.

Once the cord has been cut off from the kittens, a belly button of some sort will form. You can’t always see it but it’s definitely there!

Do All Mammals Have Belly Buttons?

cat's belly swell slightly

Yes, all mammals have belly buttons whether we are able to see them or not. Cats, in this case, have belly buttons, too, considering they are also a mammal.

Keep in mind that just because we are unable to see them ourselves, it does not mean they are not there.

More often than not, looking for a belly button on any mammal in general, not just on a cat, will prove to be unsuccessful. The belly button of a cat does not develop like a humans does, meaning they do not have an “innie” or “outie”.

How is a Cat’s Umbilical Cord Removed?

Cats don’t have a doctor to tie it into a knot, slice it off, etc., like humans do, so the mother cat has to do something completely different to remove the umbilical cord from her kittens.

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Once the placenta has been successfully delivered, and all of the kittens are meowing and breathing on their own, she will lick and detach the cords from the placenta and eat it.

While this may seem gross, it gives the mother an edge against predators, if she has birthed her kittens in the wild, and gives her the necessary added nutrition and strength she needs after giving birth.

If the mother does not remove the umbilical cords from the kittens individually they will eventually dry up and fall off all on their own, but some owners may want to help the mother by cutting the cords or gently pulling them off.

What Does a Cat’s Belly Button Look Like?


As previously stated, the belly button of a cat looks very different to the ones that we, as humans, are regularly used to. They look nothing remotely like the ones we have whatsoever.

A cat’s belly button, if able to be seen at all, is located underneath the fur of the cat and resembles a slight scar. Humans, on average, have either an oval or somewhat round belly button.

A cat’s belly button basically looks like scar tissue and can sometimes be mistaken for scar tissue. If your cat has been spayed or neutered this will be pretty common in mistaking the belly button for scar tissue, if applicable.

Overall, the cat’s belly button will usually be smooth, down on the skin, and have a small indentation in it, if any. They are usually much easier to find if your cat is a darker color, such as black or brown, with short hair instead of long.

Do Cats Have Belly Buttons?

belly button

Yes, cats definitely do have belly buttons, but they are very difficult to see and find on a cat unless you’re really dedicated in the search. Remember not to mistake it for a surgical scar, scar tissue, or a nipple, and you’ll probably find it!

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