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How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Ca

How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Cat? – Different Factors and the Final Price

​Our readers like you have asked us how much does it cost to declaw a cat, so we’re here to give you the best answer we possibly can. While it’s not easy to determine an overall cost, we can give you a general idea. How Much Does it Cost to Declaw a Cat? How Much […]

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Is Peppermint Safe for Cats (1)

Is Peppermint Safe for Cats – The Whole Truth

A lot of our readers have asked us is peppermint safe for cats to eat and be around in general. With this in mind, we’ve done our research to ensure that a clear, thorough answer can be found to this question, so let’s get right into it. Is Peppermint Safe for Cats Is Peppermint Safe […]

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put weight on cat

How to Put Weight On a Cat – Top Tips

Asking yourself “how to put weight on a cat” can be a tricky situation. For example, is your cat sickly skinny, or just underweight and needing a weight gain before it becomes a problem? This is an important question, so we’re going to answer it for you. How to Put Weight On a Cat How […]

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Feline First Aid

Feline First Aid: Can You Put Neosporin On a Cat?

Can You Put Neosporin On a Cat? Can You Put Neosporin On a Cat?What is Neosporin? When is Neosporin Safe for Cats? When is Neosporin Not Safe for Cats? Severe Wounds and NeosporinTreating an Infection With NeosporinUsing Neosporin on Your Cat Resources Used Self-medicating your cat in certain cases can work out fine, but can […]

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Frontline Plus for Cats Review

Frontline Plus for Cats Review: Everything You Need to Know

Frontline Plus for Cats Review Features1. Provides Long-Term Relief2. Easy Application Process3. Fast ActingGeneral ImpressionFrontline Plus Alternatives Advantage Pet Armor Cheristin Final Thoughts If you are off looking at Frontline Plus for cats review, it would be safe to think you are struggling with your cat’s flea problem. Fleas can make your pets lethargic and these […]

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top 50 cat blogs

Top 50 Cat Blogs About Health and Nutrition

When you are a cat parent, you need to know every possible thing about making the right decisions where your felines are involved. To get a better grip on the situation, you can search the web for information. But the bigger question is this –where should you start looking for information about your cat’s health […]

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cat autism

Can Cats Have Autism? 10 Signs Interesting Similarities

Can cats actually have autism? It’s proverbial question among millions of feline owners around the world. Although opinion on the subject is still heavily debated up to now, experts nevertheless believe that it could totally be a possibility. Can Cats Have Autism? Can Cats Have Autism?Interesting Similarities Between Autism and CatsVocal Cats and AutismCats and […]

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Are Salt Lamps Bad for Cats?

Are Salt Lamps Bad for Cats? We Aim to Find out!

Salt lamps are both relaxing and beneficial for humans to have in their homes, but are salt lamps bad for cats, and do they put their lives in jeopardy? There are so many questions surrounding the topic of cats being around salt lamps, and we aim to answer all of them for you. Are Salt […]

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Can Cats Get Lice

Can Cats Get Lice? – The Truth Revealed

We’ve received multiple questions on top of the main question – can cats get lice? We are going to answer all of the important questions that surround feline lice, how they can get them, and much more. This is a very important topic to all cat owners. Whether your cat has a serious case of […]

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How to Fatten Up A Cat

How To Fatten Up A Cat: The Best Method

Knowing how to fatten up a cat the safe way is crucial to their health if they are currently experiencing issues with it. For example, if you’ve rescued a cat, but she won’t eat properly, knowing how to fatten her up a different way is going to save her life. Ask yourself this question, “couldn’t […]

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