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Nothing is better than sharing a snack with our cats, but can cats eat watermelon? Our readers have asked this important question, so we’ve dug deep to find out the definite answer!

Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

Cats Eat Watermelon
  • Like we said before, nothing is better than sharing a snack with your cat, especially when it’s a healthy one!

Watermelon is a great choice of fruit to give your cat. It’s completely safe for them to have and actually has a couple of health benefits for your kitty, which we will get to talking about soon, so giving them a piece of watermelon is totally fine.

Interestingly enough, cats can’t taste the sugar in watermelon, and virtually all the other types of melons, like humans can. This means that cats are blind to carbohydrates.

Do Cats Like Watermelon?

Most, if not all, cats do enjoy a piece of watermelon every now and then. Cats don’t like watermelon for the sugar content, considering you just found out they can’t even taste the sugar.

They usually like to have a piece of watermelon because of the water content. This is why they also like bananas, as well!

cat can eat watermelon

Another reason cats like watermelon is because of the minimal amounts of fat that are in watermelon. If you didn’t know that watermelon has a bit of fat content in it, then now you definitely do!

How Much Watermelon Can I Give My Cat?

Cats and Watermelon

You must always remember that cats are carnivores by nature, so they need a diet that is based on mostly meat. This means that, with any treat or human food that isn’t a meat product, you must give it to them in moderation.

If you are giving your cat too many snacks or food that is not a meat product, your cat can develop digestive problems that can lead to diarrhea, for example.

Therefore, a piece of watermelon every now and then will not hurt them, it even has a few benefits, but keep it to a minimum.

The Health Benefits of Giving a Cat Watermelon

Human Food

Interestingly enough, giving a cat some watermelon can actually improve their digestive system. This is pretty ironic, considering giving a cat too much watermelon will damage their digestive system and cause some pretty nasty aftermath. This is, again, where moderation is key.

Watermelon is also great for cats who are dehydrated. Because of the high water content that is found in watermelon, it’s great for a summer snack for both humans and cats alike!

Cats are known for not drinking enough water, which can lead to lower urinary tract infection and even kidney disease, so trust us when we tell you that a piece of watermelon can definitely go a very long way for a cat!

Even though your cat can’t taste the sugar, it should not be given to a cat who suffers from diabetes.

Although, it does have quite a few vitamins and minerals. Watermelon has vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium that make it a healthy, nutritious snack that any kitty cat will enjoy. It also has dietary fiber, as well!

Remove the Watermelon Seeds!

can cat eating Watermelon

We cannot stress this enough, always remove the seeds from a piece of watermelon before you give it to your cat!

While watermelon is safe, the seeds definitely are not. They have a number of compounds, including cyanide, that are extremely risky for your cat.

Biting into a watermelon seed will release these compounds, leading to your cat getting sick, vomiting endlessly, and even getting to a critical point with nonstop diarrhea.

Even though there is a chance that your cat will not bite into a seed and will only swallow it, causing it to come out normally in their poop later on, do you really want to take that chance?

Cats can also choke on watermelon seeds when they are chowing down, so please remember to remove the seeds before you give him or her a piece of watermelon.

Cats and Watermelon

can cats eat watermelon
  • Now that you know the answer to the important question of the day, “can cats eat watermelon”, you’ll no doubt be happy that you can enjoy a fresh piece of watermelon with your kitty!
  • Remember to avoid giving him or her a piece if they have any type of diabetes, that moderation is definitely key in this case, and especially remember to remove any and all seeds from the piece you are going to give your kitty.
  • Safety is the number one priority when giving your cat anything, but above all else, remember to enjoy the snack with your cat!

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