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Best Vacuum for Cat Hair: 5 Tools You Need to Consider


hen you have a cat at home, you definitely need the best vacuum for cat hair. You can’t deny it, if you have a cat and it lives indoors, you do not want to be a slob. Cleaning your home on a regular basis is a must if you do not want to be buried in endless layers of cat hair!

Yes, you can always use a broom to sweep off the cat hair in a bare floor or a hardwood floor but it is not that convenient. Cat hair is light and there’s a tendency that there will still be a lot of cat hair left when you sweep. Rather than going over and over the same spot to make sure everything is spotless, you might want to invest in a vacuum cleaner.


Vacuum cleaners are all the rage and for good reason –they allow people to skip on cleaning their house so hard. When you have pets, among your biggest investment goes to buying cleaning equipment. You do not want your cat’s hair to be all over the floor and carpets even if you are well aware your feline will go inside again to wreak havoc in your personal space.

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How to Find the Right Machine

So, you need a vacuum. The next thing to ask is what kind of vacuum should you get?

To help you out, here are the things you need to consider when shopping for your cleaning tool.

  • Portability& Maneuverability
  • Storage
  • Attachments
  • Suction Power
  • Budget


Portability& Maneuverability


Cleaning is never easy more so when you need to haul a vacuum cleaner all over the place. These days, you need to think about convenience which brings me to an important feature –portability.

Cats are energetic creatures. This means your entire home could be covered in cat hair.

So, it follows that what you’ll need is a vacuum that can keep up with your needs. Portable vacuums allow you to clean even hard to reach areas –this is perfect for those who wouldn’t stand even for a speck of dust in their home.

When you have a huge floor area, you should also consider maneuverability. In either case, it is always much better to have a vacuum which is lightweight especially when your home has more than one floor. Dragging the equipment upstairs and downstairs can be difficult.

Another issue to consider is the cord –if you have a big home, a vacuum with a long cord or a cordless one will be the better pick. It can be difficult to concentrate on cleaning when you constantly need to unplug the vacuum and move it to another location.



hair cat

Size is also a vital consideration especially when you have limited space inside your home. When you don’t have much storage space and you buy a huge vacuum, where will you store it?

I’m guessing you would probably find a place for it anyway. However, it might not be practical to buy a huge vacuum that eats up a lot of valuable space in your home. In this case, smaller models which would easily fit into your storage area is the better choice.



hair cat

Vacuum cleaner comes with diverse attachments to serve your differing needs. Some areas of your home may be carpeted while others are not. A multi-purpose vacuum is always a good investment since it saves you a lot of time.

You should do a fair amount of research to know the available attachments for the vacuum you are eyeing on. A bit of research can go a long way!

Also, be sure to read reviews about the product. You want to know if the manufacturer’s claims are true.


Suction Power

cat vacuum

Vacuum cleaners work through their suction power which is why you need to consider this. You do not want a device which cannot function properly –it would just be a waste of money.

When there are cat hairs littered all over your place, a vacuum with good suction will come in handy. The best ones out there are those which can clean up the floor in just a pass or two.



cat vacuum hair

Well, now we are on this part. No matter how much you want a powerful vacuum, you can never get it without thinking about how much it would cost.

Some good equipment out there don’t cost a lot of money but does the machine work well? Budget should be a major consideration but so is quality.

Find the vacuum cleaner that you are willing to pay money for. Remember, you don’t have to go broke to buy a vacuum that will end your cat hair nightmares.

Now, that you know the basics on choosing the right vacuum for your home, here are some of our top picks.

Top 5 Best Vacuum for Cat Hair

BISSELL CleanView with One Pass Technology

BISSELL CleanView with One Pass Technology. ( Via :

Overall Rating : 9.8 out of 10 stars

​Bisell is one of your options when it comes to a powerful vacuum. With its lightweight design, you donot have to worry about dragging it all over your home. The innovative OnePass Technology also makesthis vacuum stand out and gives it more suction power to get rid of dirt with just a single pass.

This vacuum cleaner reduces the allergens in your home with its multi-filtration system. It also makesuse of a cyclonic system, and the cord is 25 feet long –enough to allow you freedom of movement forhard to reach areas in your home.

Once you are done with sweeping your entire home clean, getting rid of all the dirt you accumulated isnot a problem. This vacuum also comes with a dirt tank that is easy to clean. With these cool features,you wouldn’t have to dread cleaning duties even if you need to sweep dust off and cat hair from top tobottom.


  • Works great on different types of carpet and hardwood.
  • Impressive suction power.
  • Quiet and lightweight vacuum available at an affordable price.


  • The vacuum’s on and off switched is placed a bit too low.
  • Hose seems to be a bit short for its height.
  • Clear view container gets scratched up easily.

BISSELL PowerLifterPowerBrush

BISSELL PowerLifter PowerBrush
( Via )

Another awesome product from Bissell, this vacuum cleaner can get rid of the dirt embedded on yourcarpet by lifting them up first. This machine has a 4-row Dirtlifter Powerbrush which can loosen stainsand dirt to make sure your floor or carpet is free from debris.

One innovative feature of this vacuum cleaner is the 2-in- 1 tank; this makes it easier to separate cleanand dirty water. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a lint screen and a removable nozzle.

This vacuum cleaner is a must have in every home since it can cover a lot of ground in just a shortamount of time. This unit comes with a 20-foot cord so you do not have to worry about replugging andunplugging the vacuum when you are in a huge room. Convenience is at the heart of this vacuumcleaner’s design.

Overall Rating : 9.7 out of 10 stars


  • Price is incredibly low for the quality of this vacuum cleaner.
  • Effective in cleaning over spills, dirt, and cat hair.
  • Comes with a product warranty so you can exchange your machine within a limited amount of time.


  • Some complaints that the machine did not work as good as they expected it to.
  • Issues about the machine soaking water into the floor after a few months of use.
  • There were users who has problems with the suction power of this vacuum cleaner.

Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson is an impressive vacuum cleaner which comes with labor and part warranty for up to five years.For anyone who is looking for a home cleaning device worth investing in, this product definitelyqualifies.

Among the most notable features of this vacuum cleaner is its radial root cyclone technology. At thesame time, it comes with a reconfigured brush bar which comes with 25 percent more power so thebristles drive deeper into the carpet. This also makes it possible for the vacuum to remove more dirt.

To make the deal even sweeter, Dyson has a self-adjusting cleaner head. With this part, the vacuumcleaner clears up all dirt and dust on hard floors and carpets. There is also a turbine tool which is 100percent tangle free.

The combination of all these features makes this vacuum cleaner efficient and effective when it comesto sweeping your home clean.

Dyson DC65 Animal ( Via: )

Overall Rating : 9.5 out of 10 stars


  • This vacuum cleaner is perfect when you want a machine that is quiet and lightweight.
  • Dyson comes with a long hose and a long cord making it easy to use in cleaning large rooms.
  • This vacuum cleaner is easy to use and perfect for anybody.


  • This vacuum’s head and brush wore out easily.
  • This is not the most suitable choice of vacuum cleaner when you have long-haired pets.
  • Some buyers reported that their vacuum cleaner was prone to constant clogging.

Shark Rocket TruePet

Shark Rocket TruePet ( Via : )

Overall Rating : 9.4 out of 10 stars


  • Vacuum can deep clean carpets.
  • Great for removing cat hairs from floors.
  • Helps make the cleaning process easier.


  • Attachment available for bare floors didn’t have a brush or felt.
  • This vacuum seems to be more top heavy compared to other brands which makes it hard to maneuver when you have back problems.
  • Does not stand up on its own.

This vacuum cleaner is the perfect tool for your home when you are looking for something lightweight.At only nine pounds, this floor-to- ceiling cleaning equipment will make your life easier.

A hard floor attachment is available for this vacuum and it also comes with a washable microfiber pad.With this feature, this vacuum cleaner can pick fine dust and large debris off your floor. At the sametime, it comes with the TruePet Motorized brush when you plan to do some deep cleaning.

If you are particular about not letting a speck of dust on your floor, you would love the powerful LEDlights and the nozzle in Shark vacuum. If you owned the original Rocket vacuum, you will be glad toknow that this vacuum cleaner’s cup can hold twice the amount of dust that the original vacuum did.

Black & Decker Dustbuster

Black & Decker Dustbuster ( Via : )

Overall Rating : 9.2 out of 10 stars

Black & Decker is a trusted name when it comes to household appliances. The dustbuster, a portableand lightweight model, could be helpful when you are dealing with cat hair on a daily basis. Cats willleave hair all over the carpet and any surface and while you love your cats, cleaning is a necessary eviltoo.

Perfect for those moments when you want your home spotless in no time, this multipurpose tool hasstrong suction. It also comes with a filter and a washable bowl which allows you to clean any surfacethoroughly. The vacuum is attached to a translucent bagless dirt bowl which is easy to empty out.

This vacuum cleaner has a cyclonic action which makes it so effective in getting rid of dust and otherdirt. Those who don’t have a large storage space for their household equipment would love howconvenience it would be to store this device.


  • The nozzle extension is a convenient feature.
  • Cleaning up the dust bowl is easy.
  • Great for hard to reach areas and the absence of a cord allows you greater flexibility when handling this cleaning equipment.


  • There are some complaints about the suction power of the vacuum and its inability to clean up cat hair.
  • This vacuum is the last thing you want to use when there is someone sleeping in the house because the noise will definitely wake people up.
  • The brush tool in this vacuum appears to be useless.

Which Vacuum Cleaner is best for
Pet Hair?

Cat Yogurt

We pick BISSELL CleanView with One Pass Technology. When it comes to price and functionality, this vacuum is a winner, and it can help rid your home of cat hair in no time.

While all the other vacuum cleaners had their merit, we just love this piece of cleaning equipment.

Have you done a lot of vacuum cleaner shopping? What do you think is the best vacuum cleaner for cat hair?

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