Best Litter Box for Large Cats

Best Litter Box for Large Cats: Here’s 3 Awesome Picks


aving a cat is a large of responsibility and when you have one of those felines that are a bit bigger than the normal size, you would need a larger litter box. There are numerous considerations when you are looking for a best litter box for large cats, more so if you have a large cat. 

Thankfully, there are several companies that are selling litter boxes that are for cats of the larger variety and you can give them a try if your regular litter box is no longer a good fit for your feline.

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Top Considerations
in Choosing the Right Litter Box

When you have a larger cat, there are specific things that you need to pay attention to and these include:

1. Privacy


Cats are conscious creatures and they can be choosy when it comes to the place where they decide to eliminate. Hence, a lot of cat owners decide to look for a litter box that could ensure that a cat will have a comfortable place to eliminate its waste. If you are paying enough attention, you will also realize that your cat could not poop easily if it does not have privacy.

This is one of the reasons why a lot of cat owners opt for a covered litter box. Since your cat is not exposed to the public, it will feel more confident about eliminating waste without any problems.

2. Safety and Security

While privacy may be important, you should never compromise the safety of your feline. When there is only one way in and out of the litter box, it could be a dangerous place for your kitty. When you live in a multiple cat household, you might have a disaster on your hands especially if some of your cats do not get along.

One cat could corner the other and use it as an opportunity for revenge. Aside from that, a cat or another pet could ambush your feline just when it is exiting the litter box. While you might not avoid this and this could happen irrespective of the box that you choose, you can look for a good place for the litter box to avoid situations such as this. Otherwise, your cat could end up pooping in the open space which could be anywhere in your house.


Aside from that, you also need to consider how your cat feels while inside the litter box. They should not feel claustrophobic inside it. This means that even if you have a closed litter box that provides privacy, also think about how your feline will feel while inside it.

3. Size


If you have a large cat, this is by far the biggest consideration. Large cat breeds will not feel comfortable and they will surely feel claustrophobic when you choose a litter box that barely fits them.

Hence, you need to pay more attention to the size, it would be best to take a closer look at the dimensions of the box. But while at it, don’t forget that the space inside the box is smaller than the dimensions since there’s the door and of course, the fact that it is enclosed.

If possible look for a litter box with dimensions as close as possible to the one you consider of buying. Based on its appearance and the amount of space, consider whether it would be the best choice for your feline. If it is too small, then you would have to shop for another one. Make sure that your cat can move a bit and stand without any problems while inside the box.

Plus, your feline should also be able to go in and out of the box without any problem. Otherwise, it would be difficult for your cat to use a particular litter box.

4. Cat’s Comfort

Although you are the one who is doing the shopping here, keep in mind that your cat will be the one who will use the litter box, not you. So, you need to keep that in mind and think the way your cat does. By now you may be familiar with its habits and such so it is easier to know if your feline will lack a particular litter box or not.


It would also be great to look into what other cat owners say about the product. The behavior and the reaction of cats similar to your own feline would be a great way to gauge your cat’s reaction to the litter box. If you know someone who owns the same litter box, you can even bring your cat along and see what happens.

5. Other Factors


Aside from the things mentioned above, you also need to look into odor control, ease of cleaning, as well as additional functions.

Top 3 Best Litter Box for Large Cats

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box (Via :

This litter box is considered as Jumbo and one of the top rated items in its category. Aside from allowing your feline to feel comfortable while doing its deed, this also provides ample of space. This cat litter box comes with carbon filters to make sure that your home will not be smelly. We all know that poop smell can have a strong odor and this is a good choice is you don’t want to have that persisted problem.

Another great thing about this cat litter box is the size. It is great for homes with multiple cats. Plus, the large hood lifts makes it easier to clean compared to other cat litter boxes that are available in the market today.


  • Can contain the smell of cat poop inside the box.
  • Numerous cats love using this litter box.
  • Made from high quality materials.


  • Some orders had missing parts.
  • When used the wrong way some cats can find it too confining.
  • There are some who smell a hint of cat poop.

Favorite Jumbo Covered Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Favorite Jumbo Covered Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Favorite Jumbo Covered Enclosed Cat Litter Box
(Via :

Are you worried about what’s happening to your cat while it is answering the call of nature? If that’s the case, then a transparent cat litter box could be your best bet. When you have concerns that one of your cats will be subjected to bullying by other kitties in the house, you can see what they are doing inside their comfort room and address the issue right away.

The litter box opens in front which means that your cat can go in and out right away. Aside from that, the door opens easily so your cat can go in and out without any problem. Even if you have a large cat, you won’t have any issues with it. Plus, cleaning would be a breeze since the front cover is easy to remove, making it easier to keep your feline‘s litter box clean.


  • This happens to be bigger and longer.
  • This is durable and made from high quality materials.
  • Easy to keep clean even when there are multiple cats in your household.


  • There were some customers who received defective products.
  • There were leaking issues in some products.
  • Some consumers did not like the way the product was designed.

Modkat Litter Box Kit Includes
Scoop and Reusable Liner

Modkat Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner

Modkat Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner
(Via :

If you are interested in aesthetics and you want to have something that looks perfect in a contemporary home, this is a good choice. Aside from the fact that the cat litter box looks great, it also looks sleek. Plus, it can reduce tracking which is one of the biggest concerns that cat owners have when they have pets living indoors.

This cat litter box also happens to have a top entry design which is great when you have a dog that treats your cat’s litter as one of its treats. If this is not enough for you, the company also offers a money back guarantee and anyone who dislikes the product can return it within 30 days. Aesthetically and functionally, this cat litter box has much to offer to cat owners who are looking for the all in one solution.


  • The design looks great in any kind of home.
  • Most cats love this and will use it right away.
  • Can help a lot when your dogs like messing with your cat’s litter box.


  • Cats who jump out tend to track litter.
  • When you have extra big cats, this may not be a good idea.
  • Some cats don’t like the concept of this litter box.

Which Litter Box?


Among these three, the best litter box for large cats is the Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box. This happens to be just the right size for most cats that can be considered as big. Plus, it has a great odor control mechanism which is one thing that many cat owners are also concerned about when it comes to picking the right litter box.

However, if your cats happen to be a bit smaller and you are after the aesthetics, you can also consider Modkat Litter Box Kit Includes Scoop and Reusable Liner. The design is one of the major things that make it stand out and you might as well give it a go.

Is your kitty a large one? What’s your favorite litter box? Share your experiences below and share this review if you found it helpful.

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